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I come from a very large, very artistic family. Although my brothers and sisters have many different professions, each of us has an artistic flair. My children have inherited the gene as well. Artistry is in our DNA. I truly believe that it was my family that fostered my heightened way of looking at the world around me. I am always inspired by the items that exist in my daily life. I draw a great deal of inspiration from all things found in nature: the quality of light, the colors, the proportions. I see the world in terms of texture, light, color and form.

I have been masterminding yacht interiors for thirty-odd years—ever since, as a recent design school graduate, I was introduced to a boatbuilding executive at a family wedding. In the intervening three decades, I have worked on a myriad of seacrafts, residential spaces and offices.

My design philosophy has always been about lifestyle. I also follow fashion trends as I believe there is a great synergy between fashion and one’s environment. I design for the way that people live, taking inspiration from the things that I love. I always create a living space with the same timeless sensibility that I use to build a wardrobe. That’s what lends a room its spirit and enduring style.

Our eponymous firm is a Florida based interior design firm known for its tailored and refined design, often using elements from the past, which evoke an eclectic, polished and chic style. I have collaborated with big names in the industry such as Feadship,  Sanlorenzo, Ferretti, Custom Line, Broward Yachts, Benetti, Azimut, among many other world-class yacht manufacturers and their exclusive high-profile clients. Whether we are taking on yachts, public spaces, or homes, the MLI team always tries to visualize and develop the ideal environment that our client dreams about.

The firm’s clever use of color and refined eye for furnishings and objects d’art, create a sophisticated aesthetic apparent in all their work ranging from countless yachts to commercial offices, to high end residences and boutique hotels.

*Marty Lowe Inc has earned much acclaim in the design world and has been featured in many yachting magazines.

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